Monday 9 December 2013

Carry your cross

This was the first mini that drew my attention in the new LJ plastic crew. The new totem is a really impressive sculpt with lots of details on it. Actually, I felt that there's even a bit too much of it.

The poor fellow has committed some kind of crime and as a result Lady Justice saw it fit to inflict all kinds of punishment on him. He's carrying a heavy wooden cross, suffers from the oppressive heat of burning embers on metal scales hanging from it, is wounded with large metal nails plunged in several places on his body and last but not least, is forced to wear a metal mask. This definitely sends a strong "don't mess with us" message to Guild's opponents.

As cruel as it is, I find it hard to imagine someone actually being able to withstand such punishment for an extended period of time. The fluff hints that it may actually be a different person in this position each time LJ needs her Totem.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I like the new sculpt. Even though it's slightly over the top with all the painful additions, it still looks much more serious and menacing than the original metal sculpt. I'll definitely have to take a few side by side pictures to compare the original metal version of LJ's crew with the new plastic one. That will have to wait until I've finished painting the Judge, which shouldn't take too long.


  1. Excellent looking model, with a nice subdued paint scheme. I just started to play Malifaux, and this was the first box I got. How was the assembly of him? He certainly has a lot of tiny pieces. Much smaller then models Games Workshop produces.

  2. Thanks for the comment Eric. The assembly was OK, it's printed in a few separate parts but they fit nicely so there was very little work with GS to be done afterwards. Still, some of the parts are very thin and it's easy to break them (e.g. the chains). Fortunately, the plastic Malifaux minis are cast in is very hard, which helps a lot.

  3. Great! I really like the choice of colours. And good job on the flames. :)

  4. Thanks Ana :)

    One more thing for Eric - check out this link, it will give you a good idea of the complexity of some of Wyrd plastics.


    1. Thanks for the link! It is nice to see they just have the instructions online. The actual models are so much smaller in real life then what they appear on the instructions though! As you mentioned earlier, I am really glad the plastic Wyrd uses is harder, otherwise it would be a nightmare.


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