Thursday 26 December 2013

Sidir Alchibal

I knew I'd be buying this miniature the moment I saw the artwork, regardless of the faction he'd belong to. It turned out he can be used for Guild so I was more than happy to order the Relic Hunter crew. It's been lying at the bottom of my cabinet for a few months but I finally got round to painting them, starting with Sidir.

The first thin you notice when you look at the miniature is that it's much larger than the other ones. He is a monster of a man and is a true giant.
His fluff is interesting, if somehow shadowy. He may have been a prince in the past who was disowned for his crimes. A some point, he run into Lucas McCabe and joined his crew of like-minded characters.

I didn't follow the color scheme from the artwork and chose to paint his sash red instead of blue. I felt that a warmer color would complement the color scheme better. Also, blue would make his skin look pale and I wanted to avoid that as I tried to make his skin look darker.
Painting his robes and turban was a great exercise in using white. I used several layers to make the transitions smooth. I worked with Andrea White Set, which is really great for this color. I also added some dry pigments to the bottom of his robe to make it look as if he had already seen some action. I left the boots unstained on purpose the effect wouldn't show on dark color anyway.
For the base I used Micro Art Studio's cobblestone cast. I got a few for my Relic Hunters and Riflemen.

 photo sidir_01-MOTION_zps0cbadae3.gif


  1. Nice colour scheme, and very nice white. It's a difficult colour to get right. And the dirt on his coat is a nice touch. Another great paintjob altogether!

  2. Thanks! One of the Wastrels is up next, I'm going to use Andrea Brown set on him ;)


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