Sunday 15 December 2013

One more Judge

I've finally finished painting the contents of "The Guild Judgement" box. The Judge was the last one I was left with. Similarly to other minis from this box, I used the classic color scheme. I like working with white on clothes, especially when the sculpt has many folds to play with shadows while highlighting. Also, adding the dirt effects using dry pigments is easier with this color.

To keep with the original color scheme, I also painted his bandanna blue. While it plays with the classic idea, now that I look at it, I think red might work better here. Maybe I'll repaint it one day but I guess I'll leave it this way for now.
Placing him on the base was a bit problematic as it was pretty much impossible to keep both of his feet within the base. I ended up using a resin base that has some broken tombstones. While working on this model, I also painted the puppet version.

 I found painting the hair a challenge as there's not much texture there and I needed several highlights to avoid a flat look there. I really like the plastic puppets. All seem to have their own personality and portray the original character with a pinch of salt.
I'll try to write a more detailed comparison of the old and new LJ crews (with pics) tomorrow so stay tuned.


  1. Nice looking paint job! The white coat looks nice, particularly with the dirt and grime on it. It gives the effect of him long out in the field, his iron will enforcing Justice. The base you chose works really well with his dynamic pose, and nicely accommodates the wide spread of his feet. I could see a red bandanna looking good, but I think the blue is neat. It is very different and draws attention to him.

    Regardless, great job finishing painting Lady Justice's crew!

  2. Thanks for teh comment, I appreciate it. Check back soon for more pics of LJ crew :)


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