Sunday 14 September 2014

Yellow Thunder #5 The Teacher

Yamaziko may look inconspicuous but this elderly lady is a force to be reckoned with. Misaki's teacher and mentor can be deadly with her weapon of choice - the yari (with an impressive range of 3' + 40 mm base that allows her to engage more targets). She hits hard too with very solid 3/3/4 damage profile.The ram trigger is automatically included, which means that moderate and severe damage can cause blast damage. Yamaziko is honorable, which means that she gets + to dmg against masters and - against peons. Her age brings wisdom, meaning that she has a chance to learn what the other leader's unrevealed schemes are.

Did I mention her age? Well, yeas, she is also stubborn, forcing a - to Wp based attacks that target her. She is also relentless, giving her immunity to horror duels. With a Wk of 4 she may seem like a slow henchman but she more than makes up for it with nimble and an extra free Wk action. Her Df 4 and 8 Wd look unimpressive at first glance but she has a nice trick up her ancient sleeve. Her (0) action forces any enemy models targeting a friendly model with 3' to suffer 4 damage. She definitely brings a lot of options with her and all of that at ss cost of 7.

The main challenge I had while working with this model was a large gap left after gluing in her right arm. A lot of GS/LGS was pushed in and smoothed over to cover it up completely. Her facial features are very well defined so painting this part was easy enough. I avoided drybrushing her hair as it would just mess them up and worked the highlights carefully up with detail brush.  There are quite a few little items she is carrying with her tied to her weapon. A lantern, a piece of cloth and a third item I initially had trouble recognizing. It's actually a mask so I chose to paint it red, similarly to Ototo's mask. I also used a different color scheme for her to make the model stand out more. I did include a touch of yellow though.

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