Friday 27 February 2015


Novels that King wrote as Richard Bachman, his alter ego from early stages of career, tend to be... unpleasant. They explore dark aspects of human nature, and feature genuinely twisted and evil characters that are not likable. "Rage" is not an exception.
Charles Decker, a disturbed high school student kills a teacher and takes a class of students hostage. As time passes, the whole situation develops in a quite unexpected way and gradually turns into a pseudo group therapy during which fellow students reveal their deepest fears and secrets, with Charlie becoming a mentor-like figure. Apart from this twist the novel doesn't really have much to offer in terms of either interesting narrative or original ideas. The stories shared by the group have one common feature - they're generally unpleasant and humiliating. And so is the ending, that resembles a hardcore version of some of the most gruesome scenes from "The Lord of the Flies"...

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