Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Swamp Hag #1

Preparing these minis for painting took me a long time. Obviously, they're multipart and require a lot of modelling putty to fill in all the recesses but that still took up much more time than it usually does. I'm not saying I don't like the prepping stage, in fact I really enjoy it. Still, I devoted some extra time to make sure the crew is ready for painting.

It's all about the leap
I wanted them to have similar orphanage-themed bases to my other Neverborn but at the same time have a slightly swampy feel to them. I used standard Wyrd Orphanage base inserts along with some accessories. I also used fragments of plastic structure from the old "Escape from Goblintown" set. 

And since it's Zoraida time, here's one of my favorite clips of all time that goes well with her fluff.

I've been quite busy with hobby and also also prepared a few other minis for painting.

Insidious Madness along with Reaper model I want to use as a proxy

My take on Ryle

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