Friday 20 February 2015

Sweet Dreams

This is actually the third Dreamer Crew I've painted but the first plastic one. And I have to admit, the models look so much better now. It's obvious that the crew was designed as a coherent group rather than a random patch of weird creatures (that's the feeling I had while working on the metal versions). Painting them was a lot of fun. Preparing some of these was a challenge, especially Chompy. I had to use a lot of Green Stuff to fill in all the recesses left after putting the model together.

I followed the original color scheme from the first artwork. I've seen some interesting and colorful versions of these but I wanted to make my Chompy look like a truly terrifying nightmare. Now that he's properly sized, he finally looks like a Tyrant should. Getting that dark, grayish and slightly greenish and oily look on his skin took a lot of time but in the end I think the effort paid off. I also splattered some Blood for The Blood God technical paint, focusing on his talons but also adding random drops to his body. 

The rest was all about maintaining this overall dark look with room for some vivid colors (such as bright pink or blue on daydreams or hair on alps. I kept the bases coherent, using Orphanage base inserts and some themed accessories. With some I tried to tell a little story (such as the alp kicking the bricks or the one lifting carpet to find eyes below it).
I entered this crew into Frozen Moment painting competition run by Wyrd and it was third in the crew category. I'm quite happy with the result as the winner and runner-up painted really spectacular crews and I agree wholeheartedly with the final outcome. I also had extra motivation to paint another crew and managed to do that in just two weeks. 
I also added one more model to my Neverborn. A female I build using TTB bits. I plan to use her as a Beckoner.


  1. Jaki on jest ładny :) Gdyby był czerwony to przypominałby Diablo

  2. Nice! These are even better than the first edition metal versions you painted some time ago. I like how one of the Daydreams looks like a baby version of Chompy.

    1. Thanks Ana! I really like these, they're so much better in plastic!


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