Sunday 15 February 2015

TTB Austringers

I found inspiration for these on a FB group called "A Wyrd Place", where a guy named Kevin Kucharski uloaded pics of his conversions. I really liked the idea so I decided to try creating my own using (once again) bits from TTB male and female sets.
For the male one I chose the legs of a kneeling one, torso with a vest and a hat to finish things off. I wanted him to have this a cowboy vibe so I went ahead and added a Micro Art Studio Wasteland base and a large bull skull from Wyrd accessories. I didn't have anything that looked like a Peacebringer so I just used an arm with a pistol from the TTB set. The bird comes from an old Confrontation miniature - a Falconer of Alahan. 
For the female one I used the same parts that were used on the one I'd originally seen on AWP on Facebook. I only added something that looked like a handgun. Her hawk was made hist instant mold - I duplicated the first one.

Austringers are one of the most versatile minions Guild has to offer. Their primary attack is Raptor, which has a standard range of 12'. However, it doesn't have a projectile symbol so it can be fired into melee (or at a model within engagement range) without randomizing the target. And there's more - this attack doesn't need LoS and ignores cover. With focus, the range changes to impressie 18', but it also ains the projectile icon. Weak damage causes only 1 point of damage but it gets much better for moderate (3) and severe (4). It also has a Critical Strike on a ram and another interesting trigger with mask that deals no damage, but forces the target to discard two cards. Another of Austringer's attacks is a pretty standard Peacebringer gun. 
Austingers are quite slow with an unimpressive Wk of 4', but Unimpeded helps get them into position faster. They also have a nice (1) tactical action that allows them to push up to 4' in any direction. 
Their usefulness doesn't end there. Austringers have another tactical action. This one is (2) and it works up to 18' from them. Targeted friendly model pushes up to 4' and immediately takes a (1) interac action. Austringers also drop scheme markers when they die, which can be helpful for some schemes, provided they are well positioned .
All of that comes at a ss cost of 6, which is not that much for a minion that can easily hit an enemy while being safely hidden. 

Of course I eventually plan to use original models but until Wyrd releases them, these will have to do

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