Monday 26 April 2010

Any colour you want... long as it's black.

That's right - black is the colour. Today I finally received the Black paint Set from Andrea.

It's basically a set of black tones that are specially designed to work on this colour. Don't get me wrong though - it's not that I'm lazy and avoid mixing paints. It's just that I simply enjoy using different types of paints from different producers. Right now I have about 150 different paints and use pretty much all of them. There are some that I like in particular, e.g. Citadel metallics & purples, P3 Midlund Flesh, Foundation paints, citadel washes, golden metallics from Reaper, reds from Vallejo Game Colour or Green Grey and Negro Black from Vallejo Model color range). I could go on but the point is that for me this is also part of the hobby - collecting and using different acrylic paints.

Some of the paints that I use

I read about the Andrea range a while ago but it wasn't until recently that I learnt that they're available in a store in my country (I don't normally buy in stores abroad - the costs of shipping are high and you need to either gather a group of people to make a larger order or buy more products to get a discount).

All six shades, base with two highlights and three shadows

Apart from the paints you also get a leaflet with a tutorial(short but nicely illustrated with good pictures). Nice addition. I will probably test them while painting black elements on Catachan Guard and Ogryns. I cannot wait until I lay my hands on some these great Cryx minis - this black paint set will surely come in handy. If I like the effect I will also probably get the Gold set, which might be even more useful. I'm generally happy with the effect I can get using Reaper/GW gold metallics but still, I'd like to try something different.

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