Friday 9 April 2010

Elven riders of the green meadows

After some break caused by university and Easter it's time to get back into business. Last delayed project - Galadhrim Knights. I was supposed to fiish them by the end of I guess that simultaneous work on painting guide on them can slow work down ;) As you can see only two of them have finished horses (for article sake) the rest will have brownish/grayish ones ;)

I decided to go for, tyical for me, scheme as they will be another brick in wall of my Wotr army. For rest of mini, I'm thinking silver for scalemail and gold for armour, that should do the trick.

After that I suppose I'll grab some of commission Morgul Knights (seems like I've already painted too many of those) pending I won't recive Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard I ordered today ;)


  1. Looking good so far...cannot wait to see the next update!

  2. Looking good, I can't wait for the article. :)


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