Friday 30 April 2010

Command finished, time for the big guys

Well, the command is finally finished. I had fun painting them as these are pretty cool minis. I like the sculpt. The physical features (Hollywood-action-movie-jaws and big muscles) may seem a little exaggerated but personally I see it as an example of this peculiar style of sculpting miniatures. So, I don't mind this slightly over-the-top look and instead paint them in such a way that it gets even more highlighted. This is the reason why I went for bigger contrasts while painting the skin.
I've also tried my new Andrea paints and they're great - the shades work with one another really well and painting black with them is nice and easy. I used them on the boots and I'm quite happy with the results (though I'm aware of the fact that the pics are not very good). It's an old 5 mpx Conica Minolta that has served me well for a few years but it's not very good when it comes to taking pictures of small objects like minis. The details disappear, especiallt the final highlights put on the edges tend to look like they're blended with the basic colour instead of standing out. I will probably buy a new camera but since I'll be moving to a new flat in the near future, I have other, more important things to buy first.

I've also started working on the big guys - Ogryns. Not much to show at this point. The bases are painted and I plan to get more done during the weekend, so expect an update soon.
And to finish off this post, two pics to show the size of these chaps.


  1. Longbottom Leaf3 May 2010 at 12:49

    Great work as usual! I love the bases, your bases never cease to impress me. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comment! I've already done some work on their pants and skin and will probably post an update on the WIP this week.


  3. Love the camouflage...looks great!


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