Thursday 22 April 2010

Catachan Guard again

Finally I have a chance to paint some non-lotr minis. I'm currently working on a WH40K commision. I've already had a chance to paint Catachan Command once and this is how it turned out.

This time I will go for the same colour scheme, but different weapon options (all selected by the client). I really like plastic WH 40K boxes. They are brimful of various bits and pieces so that even when you're done equipping the minis, there's still plenty left. Also, the fact that these minis are multi part gives plenty of opportunities for giving your minis more dynamic poses. In this set I did that with the sniper. It included only a little bit of cutting and gluing (even without having to use Green Stuff). I placed him a a rock (made from wine bottle cork) and chose a kneeling pose that I thought would be suitable for a guy armed with a sniper rifle. This time I also decided to use a different banner. It's simpler than the other one but at least it's not so crumpled so painting it won't be a pain in the neck.

I've just started working on these guys. Right now only the bases (some static grass will be added in the final stage) are finished. The rest in in the WIP (work in progress) stage.

Once I'm done with them, I'm going to paint four Imperial Ogryns, nasty big guys.

Painting them will be more time consuming as there are plenty of large surfaces. And working with these requires lots of highlights with thinned down paints. Overall, I like the sculpts, but this may change once I really start working on them.

And to finish off this post, here's one of my favourite demotivators connected with miniature battle games.


  1. Wow, great job!

    I really like the final stage of the skin, how do you paint it, if I can ask? :)

  2. Thanks for the comment, glad you like it so far. I started the skin with a solid tallarn flesh base that was then washed with ogryn flesh. From that I started building the highlights by applying a mix of tallarn flesh with midlund flesh (from P3 range) with increasing amount of the brighter colour for each layer. I added some white paint for the final highlights (cheekbones, noses, etc.). I will probably give it a few glazes of ogryn flesh as it turned out a bit too bright.

  3. Thx for the answer! I'll use your recipe, but with small changes, cause I use paints from Citadel range.

    Can't wait for the Ogryns!

  4. No problem, feel free to ask any questions you have. If you use tgis method, remember to dillute the paints, otherwise it'll be hard to achieve a good final effect. Midlund Flesh from P3 range is probably my favourite skin tone (P3 paints are generally better than Citadel paints) but I guess Elf Flesh should be fine.


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