Wednesday 14 April 2010

It's blood time, it's Sanguinary Guard time

From the moment I first saw pics of new Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard I was sure of one thing - in april I'll be a couple of € short - because this set was (and kind of still is), a painters 'must have'.

So after a long weekend I finally got pack with minis in and from the first look I'm not disapointed. First thing, after opening the pack, that draws your attention is, how rich in parts those two frames are. 95 parts, as GW states I'm not eager to count it myself, for 5 minis is well...a lot. Such pallete of helmets/heads, weapons and shoulder pads, allows to create 5 uniqe warriors. Quality of sculptures is up to today's GW standards, however some shoulder pads are, least said, avarage (abour 4 of them). another weak part of this set -> heads, those bare ones to be exact. They are so simple, without any strong expression, to be honest I'm not very keen on using those, helmets are whole other story, they are magnificent also death masks are very nice to alter some of BA warriors.

The biggest part of whole set - Chapter Banner - Is nice, detailed sculpt and shouldn't cause any troubles painting (even for beginner painter). Two of my favourite parts are armours and wings. First ones, very detailed without any floss, they carry some Ancient Rome feel on them, very gladiator-like. The latter, well without doubt wings, are the main reason why SG stands out, parts are well sculpted, the only thing you can be frustrated is that compred to thickness of this particular element the feathers are rather shallow sculpt.

Well, that's all I can write before assembly, now all projects aside, time to work on some 40k :)

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  1. Lookin' forward to seeing how you put your masterful touch on these models! :)


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