Saturday 8 January 2011

The Great Meltdown

After several weeks of low temperatures and snow we are experiencing a great meltdown. The snow is disappearing and as a result the streets and pavements are slippery. Terrible weather, everything is either covered with water, ice or mud. As a result I'm staying at home most of the time. I'd prefer to go jogging and move around a little but the weather conditions do not permit it. Still, I have more time for painting which is not such a bad thing. I've caught up with my current commission and finished another batch of minis.
The Easterling cavalry - Kataphrakts are very nice models. I liked the concept the moment I saw first concept sketches in White Dwarf a couple of years ago. Heavily armored beasts with heavily armored riders, all clad in gold with the addition of red.

The archers were pretty much the same thing so I painted them simultaneously. The banners were given some extra attention.
Now I plan to paint some orcs and a few more Harad minis. After that I will probably finally take the plunge and start working on the 3 in 1 plastic helljack. Well, now that the parts for Malice have finally arrived it will actually be a 4 in 1 helljack.
And to finish off this entry, here's a sample of what I've been listening to a lot recently. Great ambient music, I often like to hear it in the background when I work.


  1. Nice work!

    I like your style of painting gold things. I mean, you paint them quite natural (not too dark, not too bright).


  2. Vallejo gold metalizers - therein lies the key :)


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