Monday 3 January 2011

2010: Year in Review

2010 was a year of changes, both on personal and hobby level. And since I believe these were mostly changes for the better, I figured I'd write a brief summary here. So, here it goes, starting with non-hobby stuff. My achievements in 2010 (in chronological order):
- defending MA thesis at the Jagiellonian University. Five years of rather difficult studies, the last being the most enjoyable,
- renovating a flat and making a nice cozy nest for me and my better half,
- getting married and enjoying every day of living together with my wonderful wife,
- getting my first full-time job.

And on the hobby level:
- starting a hobby related blog with Haldir and keeping it alive (65 posts since March, not too bad for starters I guess),
- painted 179 minis (not all of them documented here). Fewer than in 2009 but I'm ovarall pleased with this number and hope to decrease it significantly in 2011. Instead of taking large commissions I want to focus on smaller paintjobs (single minis/small units) - unlike speedpainting this type of work allows one to actually develop painting skills. I personally find that speedpainting helps in getting a steady hand and smoothness of movement of the brush and that's about it.
- my painting highlight of the year,
- starting a WARMACHINE Army and painting it bit by bit,
- investing some money into better painting equipment (Andrea paints, wet palette, ceramic palette, buying some more Reaper and P3 paints),
- setting up a decent "painting corner" in my new place.

And that's about it. Now some resolutions for 2011:
- expanding my Cryx force (at least one more unit, some solos and a few jacks),
- playing more (4 games in 6 months isn't a good result by any measure),
- writing more and more often on the blog :)
- buy a car :]

And last but not least, all the best in 2011 to all the people who visit Independent Painters :)

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