Tuesday 18 January 2011

Never enough of them...

Mordor orcs that is. I've already painted quite a few of these and it seems that there are always some more coming. I generally like minis from GW's LoTR range as the scale, realistic proportions of bodies and the quality of the sculpts are very good. The metal versions of orcs are definitely among my favorites here. The show the character of these guys very well, i.e. randomly chosen rags as clothes, cumbersome weapons and armors and ugly facial features. Even though not all of them are different as night and day from one another but still, there's a great variety of poses and looks.
I haven't really experimented too much here and used my good ol' color scheme that features mainly dark shades of grey, brown, and red. I used some more variety on the skin tones. I like how the "human" skin tone looks on orcs, makes them look very savage.
The ones with bows are the finest of Mordor archery. The orc trackers are used by many gamers but somehow these were the first minis of this type I've painted. I will have many more in the next commission. The sculpts are really great, which is not one can think after seeing their pic in the GW catalogue... It seems to me that bright colors and this type of highlights doen't suit them at all.
Anyway, the orcs are finished and the only minis remaining to be painted from the current commission are members of the Harad command, mounted Saruman and old version of Suladan. I still need to get rid of the paint from this one (not my effort, got this one already painted) as it seems the nicest mini to be painted from the remaining ones. I like it much more than the new version (the kite-man)...
On a side note, you might have noticed that the quality of the pics has slightly improved (at least in my humble opinion). I've started using a 'handheld twilight' option in my camera (Sony DSC HX1). I noticed that while using it, the camera processes the pictures so that in the end they look a bit better. Now, I would have never thought of switching from the previously preferred macro solution had my wife not pointed out this option to me :)
Well, since this is a Mordor-oriented post my obvious choice for some related music has to be Summoning - an Austrian black metal band. Many people don't think it's music at all but I still listen to it from time to time. Their music and lyrics are inspired by Tolkien's work to a great degree. I like their style as they incorporate lots of drums and keyboards, which creates a nice atmosphere. Mind you, I'm not a big fan of Jackson's movies (I guess the first one was OK, but the second and the third part were pretty bad in my opinion) so the clip in the background does not reflect my preferences, it's about the music really.

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  1. I have always hated the Tracker sculpts, but you've made them look stunning...excellent job my friend! Excellent job! :)


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