Sunday 9 January 2011

A quick battle report

After several weeks I finally had a game of WARMACHINE. Once again I played against my brother's Protectorate of Menoth. Since neither of us has played for a longer while we decided to play starter vs starter. So it was: Denny, Slayer 2x Deathripper, Defiler and Kreoss, Crusader, Revenger and Repenter.
I started by quickly moving the bonejacks ahead to make sure I get a chance to use their arc nodes. It was a good idea as I quickly managed to hit Kreoss with Defiler's sludge cannon. As a result, my opponent was forced to roll each time he activated Kreoss to see if the corrosion has worn off. Fortunately for me, it never did and he kept losing valuable damage points. The tokens from PP I bought a while ago proved very useful as they clearly show the situation and the lasting effects of spells/damage. I lost at least two games simply because I would forget about these.
After my initial success my opponent hit back with all he had and after using Kreoss's feat managed to quickly turn the Slayer into a pile of scrap metal and did some serious damage to one of the Deathrippers. Still, I managed to block the way to Denny and keep the remaining active arc nodes in position for the final turn. I went for all the marbles and moved Denny closer to chickens and used the feat. I followed this by casting crippling grasp and a shot of poison from the Defiler who somehow remained functional after surviving attacks from both the Crusader and the Revenger. Kreoss who was already wounded couldn't have possibly survived that.
It was a fast-paced and pretty competitive game. Three big cheers go to my brother who is an excellent teacher when it comes to explaining the rules. What's more, he doesn't take advantage of his superior "procedural knowledge". Still, playing against him always proves a challenge.

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