Wednesday 9 March 2011


I got a few GW paints in these new pots and I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed.
First of all, the lids lack the element that Foundation paints and washes have, i.e. this piece of plastic that keeps them open (have a look at the picture above). I know that most of painters (myself included)do not take paint straight from the pots but this is pretty annoying even if you open them only for a moment to take some paint on the palette. I don't understand why GW would give up a fairly good design in favor of more cumbersome design. It's just a little thing but still, devil is in the details.
Another thing that surprised me was the actual amount of paint in a pot.
I don't know whether I was just unlucky or it's a common trend but instead of 12 ml, there were about 8 ml inside. Tough luck probably but all of the three paints I got were not full.
Other than that the containers look OK. I like the fact that they are transparent so that you can see the color of paint when you look at it from the top.
I've used GW paints since I got into the hobby and even now when there are so many other similar products, I stick to some of my favorite colors (Scorched Brown and Bleached Bone are a must for me). I will probably continue to do so but I can only hope that GW improves in this field.
OK, enough rambling about paints. I've been pretty lazy with painting recently and managed to finish only 8 minis.

Half trolls painted for a buddy of mine who is very much into the War of the Ring. The quality is not top-notch as I simply speed painted these, trying to maintain a table-top level.

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