Tuesday 1 March 2011

Jack in the Box part III

I've recently completed my biggest WARMACHINE hobby project - fully magnetized Cryx helljack. I posted a few WIP pics a while ago. Painting it was very enjoyable, though a bit tiresome at times. Working on several similar models (or rather parts in this case) can be a bit tiresome.
I can't really say which one I like the most as they all turned out OK (at least in my humble opinion). I guess Slayer has to be my favorite here. I am quite happy with the dynamic pose I managed to put this one into. You can see him in the pictures compared to the metal version I painted a few months ago.
Painting these guys assembled would be a pain in the neck. Their weapons have so many details placed at weird angles that reaching them with brush would be virtually impossible. The sculpts are pretty much out of control and Corruptor is a good example with his Necrojector and Sludge Cannon.
I have to admit that I didn't really do my best with the painting on these guys. Not my best effort as I was rushing things a bit. Still, I just wanted to get a solid 'tabletop' look without cutting corners too much while painting.
The Reaper looks a bit like some kind of beetle. At least this was my first thought when I put him together. I left Malices' addition to the harpoon glued permanently as making this part detachable would be pretty tricky.
Malice was the hardest one to work with as it took me a while to come up with an idea to incorporate all the elements. Magnetizing the soul tokens and placing the magnets randomly on the main body did the trick. I wanted the soul tokens to be very bright and stand out against the dark color of armor. I did it this way to make sure they are distinct enough and easy to notice while gaming (it's so easy to forget little details like extra tokens in the middle of a challenging game).
I used Vallejo pigments for the rust effect. They are very easy to use and they give a pretty realistic rust effect. Combined with a pigment fixer (definitely a must while working with natural pigments), they don't chip off easily.
So, here it is, once again in its full unholy glory:

Thanks for reading and watching. Any kind of feedback is appreciated :)


  1. Brilliant painting as always, and very effective method with those modular arms and heads. Great job!

  2. AWESOME! Very well done and love the interchangeable parts! :)

  3. Quite nice looking, Viruk. I magnetized my first helljack the day before you started your project and mine is still unpainted. >_>

    I really dig the dynamic poses, your paint jobs, and the base.

    The magnet for Malice's soul on the top of the 'jack is very well hidden. I had to go back and look up some of your WIP photos (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-kdy9mYJKOb0/TVai8IWho9I/AAAAAAAABLQ/V6zHb_YSst4/s1600/jack_04.jpg) just to see how you did it.

    Awesome job all around. :)

  4. Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated :)

    @Jake - it also took me a while to after assembling to get round to painting, as I wrote in the post, it can be tiresome at times.


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