Thursday 24 March 2011

Winter is Coming (2)

I briefly talked about the outstanding quality of Dark Sword minis in my previous entry. This time I'd like to write a bit more and show some more detailed pictures of these models.
The first word that comes to my mind when I think of these models is 'realistic'. The proportions, facial features, everything is lifelike. It's a nice change after painting WARMACHINE and Warhammer models (and I'm not saying that those models are worse, it's simply a different approach to sculpting miniatures).
Darksword miniatures are also extremely well detailed. Little things like a scar or a sneer are clearly visible on the facial features. Other small bits like belt buckles or armor ornaments also look great.
The quality of the cast is superb - there are just a few mold lines to get rid off. Some of the minis from the range are multipart (hands with weapons or heads need to be glued). Much to my surprise, the model of Raven Keeper (the fat guy with a raven) is cast in one piece. How they managed to get such a great sculpt cast in one piece is beyond my understanding.
There is only one thing that bothers me about these models - the weapons. The metal from which the minis are cast is very soft (compared to other miniatures, for example Citadel or Privateer Press that seem to be using a heavier and tougher material). It causes some problems while working on the weapons. Let's take a sword as an example - it's quite long and it has small mold lines along the blade. You need to be extremely careful while removing them as the metal is very soft and bends easily. This king of material will bend only a limited number of times after which it breaks. Still, if you're careful enough you shouldn't have big problems here.
well, that would be all as far as my short review of Darksword miniatures is concerned. Check out the pictures I attached in this post, I think they show the quality of the sculpts pretty well. Also, make sure to have a look at the official website. I've already started painting one of them and will be posting pics of a finished mini soon. Until then, keep the paint flowing.

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