Sunday 27 March 2011

Winter is Coming (3)

Told ya! Well. At least that's what it looked like yesterday. We sometimes get this kind off weather here, warm spring on Friday, a single morning of winter on Saturday and back to spring the next day.
I've been pretty busy recently so there isn't much to show at this point. Still, I managed to finish painting Jaimie Lannister from the Darksword "A Game of Thrones" range. In the book he's a rather nasty guy. Known as Kingslayer, he's a twisted, cunning guy with an insatiable lust for power.
The sculpt is absolutely amazing with all the small details like the lion on the armor or the smirk on the face. Painting him was a very enjoyable experience.
I've finally had a chance to take full advantage of the Andrea gold set I got for last Christmas. The set consists of three shades of gold (base, light, shadow) and three washes (golden yellow, chestnut and black). It's really great as the paints have excellent coverage and mix nicely with the washes that really help when used as glazes as well as creating nice shades. For some reason I wasn't able to take a decent pic of the back of this mini. Each time it looked like it was shiny (irl it's finished off with a matt anti-shine varnish). The one I chose for this post is my best effort, a poor one but at least it's better than nothing.


  1. well done1 keep up the good work, you are heading a right direction with these minis :)

  2. Really very nice job!! Now you just need to get a Tyrion Lannister!

  3. Tyrion... a great character and a wonderful mini too. I'll definitely have to give this one a go one day. Have you seen the "The Mountain That Rides" mini? It's soo impressive. Truly epic stuff.


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