Tuesday 5 April 2011

Winter is Coming (4)

I've thoroughly enjoyed painting these minis. As I wrote in the previous posts, the quality of the sculpts is absolutely amazing.

Since I'm also enjoying reading the book, here's some background info on these two. They are members of the Night's Watch, which means that they are permanently stationed in a fortress that oversees the northern border of the kingdom. It's an 'edge-of-the-world kind of place. The Watch consists of criminals and exiles who swear fealty to the Crown. Desertion or misconduct is punished by death.The harsh climate combined with rigorous, rough training makes this a sink or swim situation for the young members of the Watch.

I used very dark palette on this minis as I tried to stay true to the book in which these guys were often referred to as "black brothers".
Jon Snow (the mini of the younger one) is one of the youngest people there. The other guy doesn't play an important part in the story (at least so far). He's probably some kind of background character. Still, the miniature is pretty cool.

Overall I'm quite pleased with how they turned out, I'm particularly satisfied with the face of the Raven keeper. I used a few very thin washes of flesh paint (a fairly bright shade) mixed with Vallejo model color neutral grey to create the stubble.
Now I plan to paint one WFB mini (haven't painted anything from this range for a looong while). I chose one of the new Skaven characters but that will be shown in another post.


  1. More!!!!

    Arya - Tyrion - Eddard - Jon Snow

    They are Awesome!!!

  2. Yep, there are many great models from this range. I have no plans to paint any in the nearest future though but I will definitely paint some more one day.

  3. Great Work!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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