Saturday 9 April 2011

Pistol Grip Pump

I'm currently waiting for a batch of minis I ordered a while ago at Maelstrom games (a Skarlock, new jack and some minis from a new skirmish system that I want to get into - more on that soon ;).I should get them somewhere around next week. Until then, I'm idle as far as hobby is concerned. No commissions and no backlog - feels a bit weird. Still, I haven't posted any pictures of the second Pistol Wraith.
I love the idea of dead gunslingers who roam the battlefield. They aren't powerful but combined with Denny's debuffs and the ability to ignore obstacles in their way can make them annoying.
I've already painted the second version of Pistol Wraith and wanted to use a different color scheme on this one. I wasn't happy at all with the cloak (which in fact constitutes most of the mini) until I've highlighted the edges using much brighter colors. It's definitely not my best work but still I guess it looks OK.

I wasn't able to find a song that would suit the character of the model but so this one will have to do.

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  1. I always liked that miniature. Looks good. Keep on painting!


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