Saturday 30 April 2011

Strong arm of the law

It's time to publish something juicy after my month long absence here :D I've finally finished second Land Raider with which I've been dealing for some time. The longer I've painted the more annoying it became. Fortunately it's gone now :) Also I've made some progress on next Rhino. Thank God for the airbrush, it makes painting those monsters a lot easier.

Also I've tried some different approach on battle damage, you can compare it with previous one. Still I've been holding back on "destroying" those poor suckers :D

Now I'm moving back to Lotr stuff for long, long time. Next on the agenda Warriors of Minas Tirith and Army of Dead.

And music that suits those babies very well. Saxon- Strong arm of the law, because come on... how else Ultramarines can execute law :)


  1. Love it! Love it!
    The chipped paint and the rusty areas look fantastic! :)

  2. That is a beastly looking Land Raider.
    And I love your youtube video added to your posts.
    Saxon dude. Nice haha.


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