Wednesday 13 April 2011

Leader of the rats

Sometimes I'm able to quickly find a suitable song to match the mini/minis presented here. The one below is a good example, so let me start by putting it here:

I painted this model a while ago.
I bought it along with some hobby supplies just to paint something from WFB mini range. The model itself is quite nice. I really liked the idea of a Skaven hero squatting on an old ruined column.
The painting took about two evenings. I tried to avoid using only drybrush on the base and gave the column several glazes of brown washes and a green one.
Tretch Craventail is a here from the Skaven army whose speciality is assassination and disappearing. I think that the choice of weapons and small bits like the skull or dwarven hair are great additions to this model. They seem to add him a lot of character. Not to mention a skull and a small rat on the base, which are also pretty cool.
I enjoyed painting this mini, it was a nice break from WM/Lotr minis I've been working on recently and a good opportunity to practice using dry pigments to achieve realistic rust effects. I think I'll put this one on ebay soon, will post a not here when I do that.


  1. Very moody and atmospheric paintjob and the skintone is amazing. Well done.

  2. Cheers for the comment, glad you like it


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