Saturday 26 March 2011

Winter has come

Just like Viruk I've been working on couple of DarkSword minis related to "Game of Thrones". I had a blast painting those pieces. Each and everyone is a masterpiece. The detail level is simply amazing, especially when it comes to faces, they are so lifelike. Anyway I had to paint 2 different parties, one consisting of 4 characters (which I'm not able to identify, guess it's time to brush up on those books) and the other includes 3 Night Guardsmen.


  1. Just to clear things up, the three guys in the upper pic are members of The Night's Watch and in the pic below you can see (from the left): The Hound, Ser Loras aka. Knight of the Flowers, Melisandre and Cersei Lannister. Good job Hal, Loras is my favorite ;)

  2. Where did you get these miniatures? I've been searching google for A Song of Ice and Fire related models, but I can't find any available to buy that are unpainted.

    1. Check out Dark Sword Miniatures, they have an online store


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