Sunday 28 October 2012

Farewell to arms

The first snow has fallen, which means that you should

Winter doesn't bother me, in fact I like this season of the year. The only problem with it connected with the hobby is that I rarely have good lighting for taking pictures of my works. I decided to try taking pics in artificial lighting. Here's a quick pic of the setup I used:

Nothing really complicated as I simply used two white sheets of paper as diffusers on lamps pointed directly towards the mini. There's still room for improvement but the effects are encouraging (none of the pics in this post have been touched up) so I guess I'll stick to this method for the next few months.

I've finally finished working on the Gondor army. I have to admit I was a bit fed up with painting armors and barely visible faces. The Trebuchet was particularly tedious and after preparing it for painting I was actually put off painting for a few days. It's such a shame that GW keeps on producing mediocre products and at the same time assuring us that they deliver a product of the highest standard... Anyway, after lots of bending. repositioning, tons of GS and painting this is how it turned out:

I prepared a small scenic base (I made something like it a while ago for the King's Champion). I think that it adds some kind of action element to this rather static set.

Next up are the Guards of the Fountain Cours. Probably the most royal looking infantry unit in the entire Gondor force. I used a nmm golden trim on the edges of their cloaks and a yellow trim with a pattern to tie them to other units I'd painted earlier.

Last but not least are the Men at Arms. I've painted them before and always left the ornaments on their helmets silver. This time I wanted to follow the codex color scheme more closely and painted them white. I think it worked pretty well as it made them look more special than regular WoMT.

 Now I am going to start working on a Moria army. I'll begin with the biggest beast that it has - the Balrog.


  1. Another informative and amusing post from you, Viruk!

    And another ingratiating comment from me, heheh...

    But seriously though, the ways to take articifial-light-photos you go about are a nice way to go about - I'll ask Santa to bring me two new lamps, as it stands now, I just hold the mini up to the Ikea-lamp in my ceiling.

    Happy winter-times/Llama

  2. It is going to be a winter full of goblins as that's teh next army I'll be working on :) Cheers for the comment and have a great Autumn/Winter too.


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