Tuesday 30 October 2012

Late night WIPs

I've started working on a few new minis. They have been made in finecast exclusively so I'm not able to compare them with metal/plastic versions. At first glance they don't look bad. The details are sharp and well defined and the Dweller looks pretty demonic. The arms and one leg fit the torso nicely but there are a few issues with bits that aren't cast well.

The Marauder has a few weak spots too although the level of details is very high. 

I'll post more pics once I fill all those problematic areas with GS.

I've also put together the Balrog. It's an impressive beast. This one is made of plastic. The material is very solid and even the thinner parts like the tips of his whip or the edge of tail seem strong enough. The level of detail isn't great here and the model seems a bit flat in a few areas, particularly his legs and belly.

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