Monday 1 October 2012

Hanging Around

I haven't seen the plastic trees painted before so I figured I's start working with my Gencon orders from these. As I've written before, the sculpts are really nice with some minor things that could have been better (more texture on bark/faces). 
The biggest problem was rope on which Eric hangs as it's way too thin to support the miniature and it's extremely hard not to break it even when painting it. So I started by removing it completely and replacing it with a wire. The faces are pretty well cast but for some reason they seemed a bit too lively to me. In order to remove that impression, I painted them using a "zombie" skin tone with very pale skin that looks like it's starting to rot. 
As you can see, I also added some skulls to the base (I simply glued the tree to a CD as it seemed it needed something solid to stay on).
And here are the effects, C&C are welcome.

 I also painted both of the Hanged, nothing more to add here as they were painted in pretty much the same way.

And just to lighten the mood of this heavy entry, here's a nice little song:

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