Wednesday 31 October 2012

Taking it in stride

At least that's how I hope the Guardian will act in game. He should be pretty useful for LJ crew as he offers her a better DF.
I didn't like the way he looked like after I put him together so I decided to do some bending. I really like the sculpt as it has the king of twist that is characteristic for Wyrd minis. The legs are very thin and his beetle-like torso with the head mounted in it have a slightly comical look. I tried to go a bit further and repositioned him so that he looks as if he was making a clumsy step over a broken column.

The painting on this one was very quick and took me about one hour. I started with black basecoat over which I applied a layer of Vallejo Old Gold. It's a great paint as it gives a very solid color after just one layer. I used gold from the Andrea set to make a few highlights and worked with glazes of light brown and very light green. The shield and the hilt were done in pretty much the same way, I just used red washes instead of light glazes.

The greenish residue around the screws on his shield and body was done with green wash. I know it's not a realistic effect but I wasn't planning on making the weathering look realistic. My goal was to keep the paint scheme simple and centered around the gold I used for the main body. Adding a blue glow in its chest was also quite fast and I finished it off by simply painting a thinned down light blue around it. The tombstone on the base matches him to the graveyard theme I use for my Guild. 
Now I have some non-Malifaux stuff on my workspace but I will definitely try to paint at least one more mini either for Guild or the Neverborn later this month but for now I'll leave you with this one from my favorite guitarist:

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