Thursday 1 August 2013

More Orcs

Finished the second batch of Hunter orcs along with some heroes. I followed the same color scheme I used with the previous ones. The only thing I've changed is the addition of warpaint on their faces.

Narzug is one of the best miniatures from LotR/Hobbit I've ever painted. His pose is  not too dynamic but the quality of the sculpt is impressive. I particularly like his face and chest as these parts are different than what you'd see on a human. Especially his chest, saggy but still muscular. The color of skin makes him look like a cousin of Uruk-Hai but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out as it makes him look unique.

Bolg, the big one in the front row, was a bit of a challenge. He's so much different from other orcs. He's much larger and has completely different physique. To make matters worse, his armor and weapon are also significantly different. The main challenge while painting him was to keep him coherent with the rest and make him stand out at least a little at the same time. All of that using predominantly dark colors.

Fimbul was also a bit tricky. The codex paintjob is... awful. What's more, the mounted version is painted differently than the one on foot. So that wasn't helpful at all as reference.
I wanted to make him stand out as a character so I chose to paint the warg using very dark colors and kept his clothes and cloak black with the fur trimming matching warg's mane. His skin color is also different than that of the other orcs. The picture doesn't show it well but there are differences in shades of black on warg, clothes and coat.

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