Friday 16 August 2013

The big and the ugly

I'm finally done with all the orcs from Hobbit. "Finally" because I felt I was getting in a rut with painting the same type of model. I started with a box of 12 of them on foot, then painted the versions on wargs and finished off with the heroes. 
Azog is a miniature I haven't really made up my mind about yet. The version on warg is very dynamic and everything looks more or less OK on it. I only have to mention that the warg is cast in two halves with separate legs and... the halves didn't fit too well. I had to do the hot water-reshaping-cold water trick to fix that.
The version on foot is ridiculously large. Azog as an infantryman is much bigger than the version on warg and the details look much poorer on this one too, especially areas like legs or armor.
Painting him was tricky as you get white orc on a white warg and I wanted to make sure that the shades of white are distinct enough no to blend together. I started the warg with light brown/khaki basecoat and Azog with Tallarn Flesh and built over than with several layers of base color mixed with increasing amounts of white. Sounds easy but the trick was to avoid a pinkish look and remember about the scars on his chest, arms and back. Pictures don't show the final effect that well ( I really struggled here, for some reason my camera wasn't picking up the colors and highlights on this one) but I'm pretty happy with him nonetheless.

Yazneg has a unique look with his human-like skin and an impressive bone armor. If you look closely, the cloth he's wearing is also something made of a material that resembles human skin (?) and there are even shapes that look like faces in agony around his belt area. He has a really nasty and fierce look with excellent details on the face and clothes. Can't really complain about the miniature here as everything fit pretty well.

As I mentioned in the beginning, painting so many orcs was a bit tedious so I took some time off Hobbit and painted two minis for Malifaux - a master and her avatar version. Check back soon for pics :)

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  1. Nice work... like always :), can't wait to see this two for MfX.


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