Friday 30 August 2013

Where Eagles dare

I didn't really expect to enjoy painting these. All those surfaces thickly covered with feathers put me off and made me think that working on these two will be a chore. As it turned out, it was much more enjoyable than I had expected.

The models are nicely cast but putting them together wasn't that easy. The first Great Eagle (pics above) was straightforward as all the pieces fit together well. It was the other one with its wings outstretched that I had trouble with. It seemed like the wings were meant for a different model as I wasn't really able to fit them well. I ended up using a lot of GS to hide nasty gaps left after putting this one together.

 I started painting them with covering all the main areas with a solid basecoat using two different shades of brown and black. I started building the highlights focusing on these three areas and ended with some drybrushing to pick up the details.
Photographing them was a bit tricky as I didn't glue them to their bases (it would make shipping them too risky). I used some blu-tack to hold them in place (you can see some of the putty in one of the pics).
The White Council is next on the to-do list so expect some WIP shots soon. I'll leave you with a classic that seems suitable to this post.


  1. you should refer to games workshops picture on their website. the wings on your second eagle are assembled incorrectly. left wing should be right, and vice versa

  2. Something felt wrong when I was assembling them. Guess now I know what ;)


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