Saturday 31 August 2013

Relic Hunters

I took some time off working on the current Hobbit project (one afternoon to be precise ;) and put together some of Malifaux stuff I bought this summer.
Lucas McCabe and his crew are some of the best looking plastic miniatures I've ever worked with. The wastrels are my big favorites but Sidir is a winner too. I'm only a bit disappointed that Lucas himself seems a bit too large compared to other members of his crew...

While I like the fluff and the looks of Guild riflemen, putting them together was a big pain. There are so many pieces to each of these that even though these bits fit together nicely, gluing them in place was still a challenge. Some of the elements are really tiny and attaching them was really tricky.

These will have to wait for paintjob a while longer as I plan to finish the current Hobbit backlog first.

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  1. Tricky attaching the riflemen, huh? yes, I know something about this :)



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