Sunday 18 August 2013


I've had both of these miniatures for more than a year. I bought the avatar version during last year's Gencon and the other one had been bought even before that. For some reason I've been putting off working on them for so long. In general I tend to leave heroes/captains etc. for the end, as a kind of small reward to myself for dealing with a number of similar regular warriors. 
The avatar version was a bit of a challenge to put together. I wasn't sure if the model would stand solidly as the whole beast is attached to the base only in one point (the crystals on the base are part of the original sculpt). Fortunately, it seems strong enough and I didn't have to add additional bits to keep it stable.
I used artwork from the box as reference for color scheme but went for slightly brighter shades. I used VGC Falcon Turquoise as base color and kept adding white to it for successful (numerous) highlights.
I made painting it more challenging by putting the whole miniature together before it was even primed. I should have left Perdita's body for the end as it would have been so much easier to paint it separately. Well, that's just another lesson learnt.

The classic Perdita sculpt is a really nice sculpt. The only thing that I don't really like that much is the length and thickness of hair. I know it's all a fantasy game but having such long hair would be incredibly impractical. Anyway, I actually like this miniature even more than the avatar version. She looks very cool and confident.
I used two halves of a broken column on their bases to somehow tie the models together. Other than that, there's the same type of static grass.

Now my Ortega crew is almost complete. I still have Latigo Pistolleros but I'll be working on them later this year, probably not earlier than in Fall.

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