Thursday 25 December 2014

Black Blood Shaman

This one is a very peculiar miniature. When I started painting it I didn't really know what to begin with. It's got plenty of details but various humanoid and bird-like shapes incorporated into the model make it a challenging mini to work with. I roughly followed the original color scheme but made it much darker to adapt it into my typical painting style.
My first association with the word "shaman" is colors. That's why I felt the use of brighter shades was justified. Also, it provided an element of contrast with his sickly pale skin. The skull base from Micro Art Studio completed my vision nicely.

 In game it's more of a supportive minion than one that would affect the game directly. He's definitely not helpless in melee as his Ritual Knife can inflict some damage along with a Blood Curse, which causes the target to lose 1 Wd at the end of every turn. Still, he should function much better kept slightly in the back and making sure the Tots are within 14' of him. If they kill an enemy, they can grow into a Young Nephilim.

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