Tuesday 30 December 2014

Misery Loves Company #2

Baby Kade is certainly not what he might seem to be at first glance. Many fall victin to his innocent appearance, only to learn that he's a mean, Manipulative (11) woe. He's small (Ht 1) with a decent Wk of 5 and very decent Cg of 8. His Carving Knife has a low damage profile (1/2/4) but the triggers are what makes it really dangerous. With a Crow, the attack deals +2 damage and Slows the target. Other than that, he gets +2 to damage if the target is engaged with at least one another friendly model. At this point the damage spread changes into a whooping 5/6/8. 

Kade can also Lure an opponent to move its Wk in his direction. It's a (1) action that has an impressive Rg of 18. Another of his tricks (a 2 action) allows him to push into base contact with a friendly Teddy within 15' and then push the Teddy up to 6' in any direction. Kade can also take an upgrade which allows him to add a suit of a card that he discards to all his flips until the end of turn.
He really shines in offense but despite his high Df of 7, he has only 6 Wd, which is his greatest weakness.

Painting him was a bit of a challenge due to his diminutive size. I wanted his skin to have a sickly pale shade so that it would work well with his hollow eyes and dark circles around them.
I used a Wyrd Orphanage base insert and painted the carpet using purple - a color that immediately brings Neverborn to mind. Kade is so small that he takes up only about 1/4 of the surface. Good thing Wyrd added a small Teddy to him. And yes, the toy is nailed to the floor...

Can these eyes lie?

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