Sunday 28 December 2014

Misery Loves Company #1

I've recently started working on Pandora's crew and since I currently have more free time due to longer than usual Christmas break, I plan to use it well and paint the whole crew before the year is over. So, let's start this entry with a proper song to play in the background.

I've been looking forward to painting Sorrows since I saw the artwork. They're a big improvement compared to old metal sculpts as they have more dynamic poses. Also, they now have a slightly humanoid look (at least in the upper half of their bodies) that goes really well with the ghostly lower half. Painting them was a very nice experience though the green part was a little time consuming. I needed to apply numerous layers of bright green mixed with white to make the highlights visible to a degree I found satisfying. 

These minions are quite cheat. At 5ss they offer interesting options but since they have a very strong synergy with Pandora, they are best used with that particular master. Their Wk of 3 seems like nothing but they have means of moving around much faster. They can become a really painful nuisance when models within 6' fail a Wp duel as it's then forced to lose 1 Wd. However, they are quite fragile with only 4 Wd. They're Incorporeal, which slightly increases their survivability, but they definitely require careful handling if they're to be used effectively.

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