Tuesday 23 December 2014


Tuco is an interesting character. He once was a proud member of the Ortega family. During one of the many skirmishes he was captured by Neverborn. He withstood their imprisonment and tortures for a long time but in the end he was broken. As his mind got twisted, his body began to change and he grew a pair of horns. Still, even now he looks human enough to be taken for one as he continues his revenge on those who gave up on him long ago.
Tuco brings to the table a possibility to inflict damage using Sh actions, something that is rare among Neverborn. . However, he can be used form uch more than just that.
At first glance Tuco is just a solid sniper. He can be deployed From the Shadows, which more than makes up for his unimpressive Wk5 and Cg5. His shotgun doesn't have a great range (10') and the damage spread isn't that good too. Yet he can be pretty useful as he can pull off blast damage on moderate and severe. If push comes to shove, he can also deal some damage in melee with his Inhuman Claws.
His usefulness extends beyond these two obvious aspects of his character. He can use a 0 action to push any opponent 4' in any direction and follow that with a shot from shotgun which can slow a target down. His human appearance means that he is Disguised and as such, he can't be charged.

I really like the original metal miniature but since I don't own one (the one in the picture was painted for a friend), I built mine using bits from TTB male set. I only added two horns from some old chaos WH bits. I chose a face that I thought would be capable of producing Deranged laughter (as you can see in the pic below). I also used colors that would make him look more like a human and less like a Neverborn.

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