Wednesday 31 December 2014

Misery Loves Company #3

In folklore, a Poltergeist is a supernatural being, a kind of ghost that makes strange noises and causes various things around the household to move. Wyrd sometimes uses such stories when they come up with creatures for their game.
Poltergeist's large base (50 mm) and big size may be misleading. He's not a melee monster. As Pandora's totem, he has the function of a facilitator. He has a melee attach with a 1/1/5 damage spread but once he hits, the target receives the Slow condition. It can also move around the board quickly with a Wk of 6 and Incorporeal. It also means that he's not that easy to take down (despite only 5 Wd). He also regenerates 1 Wd each turn. Still ,once he's seriously hit by a Ca action, he can go down easily.

 His main function is to help with Pandora's Wp-based attacks as all models within 2' suffer a negative flip to Wp duels. He can also place 30mm markers that enforce a 15Wp duel to all within 3'. Those that fail them receive a Slow condition. Good positioning is essential with this totem. If he manages to get near the models targeted by Pandora, they're going to have a really hard time.

As far as painting is concerned, I used teh same color scheme that I chose for the sorrows. I liked the effect I got there and thought that since Poltergeist belongs to the same crew, he can get a similar look. Working on the miniature was fun, but it was also more time-consuming as he's a big one!

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