Sunday 19 April 2015

Fool's Gold

Wyrd's Iron Painter is back and it didn't take me long to make up my mind and join in. It's a really challenging one. All the participants are randomly paired and a theme for the round is announced. The entries are judged on the quality of painting and the theme.There's one more thing - each round lasts only two weeks and participants begin with unassembled, unpainted bits, terrain and of course miniatures. This kind of painting competitions really force people to get creative. Of course, it's possible to buy stuff and use it for the current round. I have several (unpainted and still on sprues ) Wyrd miniatures, so I decided to use this opportunity and catch up a little with my work.

The story is simple. A young adventurous child set out on his epic quest to gain great wealth. His search led him to a desert where he was able to find as many gold nuggets as he could carry. His joy at finding a place where he could buy some water to quench his terrible thirst quickly turned to dismay when he realized that his wealth was in fact only Fool's gold.. .
I used two miniatures and various bits (cactus, wooden parts for makeshift table, sign). I also had to create the bottles and coins. I used plastic sprues for them. The bottles were created using a round file on small pieces I've cut away from the original sprue containing the minis. The coins were made from a thinner part, which was simply cut into tiny slices.

I wanted to use the minis from diorama for gaming later on so they were only pinned to the 40 mm base. In the meanwhile I prepared 30 mm bases for them. I used an orphanage base insert for Mr Tannen and a Mystic base from Micro Art Studio for the Child. I've had that base for a few years and have never been able to find the right miniature for it. This one fits perfectly I think.

 I plan to use the Malifaux Child as a Totem for Sonnia. Having two sets of  Flame walls can be very useful for board control. The minimum for doing that is a 9 but in some situations this totem can be a better choice for Sonnia than the Purifying Flame. Not to mention the fact that the Child can also heal friendly models. Another nice thing is his survivability. Malifaux Child has only 4 Wd but He cannot be the target of charge and it's Manipulative 15.
Mr Tannen is an elderly, evil-looking man. He is also a Woe and a Mimic. Similarly to the Child, he is Manipulative, though only 13. His main role is a facilitator as he gives a mask to flips of all friendly models within 6'. This can work very well with Dreamer as it allows him to actually summon a Teddy into play rather than hire this expensive model. Tannen can also cause some trouble. All enemy models within 6' must discard a card before they cheat and for 1AP he will prevent opponent frm dropping scheme markers within the same radius. This seems very powerful but then to take full advantage of it, Tannen would need to be moved further to the front where he is very vulnerable. He can also prevent an enemy model from using soulstones for one turn and has some nice movement synergies with his good buddy Mr Graves.

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