Tuesday 7 April 2015

The Swamp Hag #4 Voodoo!

Zoraida is one of the original masters from book 1 that got a re-release in plastic. The new sculpt is definitely ugly and evokes feelings of disgust and aversion. I thought I'd make something special for the base. I even entered her into a Wyrd Place basing contest that was run as a challenge for February. No success in it but it still motivated me to do some extra work on this part of the Hag. I used various bits there (metal puppets from Wyrd Orphanage accessories, a book, a piece of a wooden platform from old GW's Hobbit set, and a cauldron that was 3D-printed). I think these details added her enough to make her stand out more as a master. After finishing the base, I waited for a few weeks to start on Zoraida as I was busy with other ongoing work.

 Voodoo Doll, her totem, was a pretty straightforward mini to put together. All the bits fit nicely together and the texture on the surface of its body made painting it fast and easy too. I used part of Orphanage base insert and cut away the other part. The empty space was filled with Vallejo Still Water effect mixed with GW's Nurgle's Rot and some green wash.

Zoraida is The support master in Malifaux. She can Obey her minions effectively but she also has a few nasty tricks to cause trouble. I really like the way she works with her totem. The Doll can use its Hem action (which has a high Ca value of 7 with a suit included) to sew its fate with an opposing model. As a result, each time the Doll is hurt or gains a condition, the same happens to the opposing model. So Zoraida can stab it with her poisoned pins, then Mend (heal) it (she can do that with an upgrade. She can also pass other conditions onto the Doll, including the one that prevents the target from using soulstones. 
I haven't played Zoraida yet and generally bought her box only to have access to Silurids and Juju but sooner or later I'm definitely going to give her a go. Now, back to my round 1 Iron Painter project :)

The Swamp Hag and her colorful family

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  1. As always, great painting and basing.

    And happy birthday!


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