Thursday 16 April 2015

The Man Comes Around

Sue is one of the most interesting models in Malifaux as far as background story is concerned. He is essentially a walking tribute to Johnny Cash. He's carrying a guitar, wearing black clothes, and his skills are called just like Cash's songs. He can be a versatile addition to many crews as he's a Mercenary.

Choosing colors for painting him was very easy. Black was the obvious choice for his cloak and the armor plates on his chest and legs were painted using true metallics. The main thing I did differently than in the classic version were the flames. I chose to make them look like real fire. I know it seems unrealistic and a normal man would either die or end up seriously burned but then it's Malifaux and nothing is out of place here. Especially when the fire is magical and the person using it likes to surround himself with a ring of it.

His main way of dealing damage are his pistols. His Sh is rather low (5) but he makes up for it with a built in +flip to attack and a Critical strike. HE has a nice trigger The Man Comes Around, which allows him to instantly kill any totem unless it discards two soulstones, making Sue an excellent choice against Lynch and Hungering Darkness. Another of his Cash-themed actions is called Ring of Fire. It allows Sue to surround himself with flames. Any models getting within 3' of him will gain Burning +2 condition, or even +3 with a trigger.Sue is also Relentless so he doesn't need to check his Wp while targeting terrifying opponents.

His Df is not impressive but he's Hard to Kill. He has a very nice 0' action (The Man in Black) that adds a -flip to Ca actions targeting models within 3' of him. I can easily imagine how well it would work with Sonnia's Counterspell Aura against masters who rely heavily on Ca on their attacks. There is also the Hurt ability which gives him one Wd but allows him to draw one card (and end his activation). Tread The Line allows Sue to give a model in 12' the Finish the Job ability, which can be very useful in some situations.I It also has an interesting trigger (Peace in the Valley) that will cause all the Scrap and Corpse markers within 3' of the target to be removed. Situational, but it can be very effective against masters like Nicodem.

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