Thursday 2 April 2015

The Swamp Hag #3 Jump Around!

These models gave me an opportunity to do something different than my typical dark style of colors with muted shades. I used two variations, one very bright, vivid green and the other one slightly more brownish/yellowish. Some elements of contrasts were added (namely red and purple) to bring out more life in these wild beasts. 
These are great models with very dynamic poses so choosing the right type of base was essential. I wanted to highlight their ferocious and vehement nature. I also had to figure out a compromise between their swampy nature and my orphanage style of basing that I use throughout my Neverborn force. I used Orphanage base inserts with some extra bits (rocking horse, large crate) along with some patches of swamp (GW's Nurgle's Rot mixed with Vallejo Still Water).

Silurids are excellent choice for running schemes. They have an average Wk but their Cg of 7 is excellent, specially taking into account the fact that they can Leap as their (0) action and move up their Cg, ignoring terrain and models that stand in their way. 
Their attacks have a low Ml of 5 but once they hit, they can trigger poison or another bonus attack. With only 6 wounds, they are not too resilient. However, they are Silent, meaning that attacks targeting them cannot ignore LoS or cover (effectively protecting them from Austringers). Also, it might be a good idea to activate them late in turn as there's going to be a negative flip for any Sh actions targeting them before they Activate. Also, they are Swampfiends and have nic synergy with models like Bad Juju. Silurids can also activate via Companion.

 I also painted the three above for a buddy. The same color schemes, different basing theme. This time they're in their natural habitat - the swamp.

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