Wednesday 29 April 2015


I've recently had a chance to work on a great limited edition model - Hannah, the Chief Freikops Archivist. She comes in about 30 plastic pieces and there's no instruction on putting them together available online. However, assembling the model didn't prove too complicated. It's a very impressive miniature with lots of details. The pose is rather static but it emanates power despite that. I like this version much more than the officially released one.
She comes on a 50 mm base and unlike some of the other larger Wyrd models, she fits in perfectly.Her armor was a bit tricky to paint as there are some flat surfaces. I painted three versions of Hannah. I chose different type of base for each one and I also painted her uniform to match the theme of the base.

Hannah is a Henchman. At a high cost of 10 ss she brings in some interesting options. She is a member of Freikops so things like Armor and Freikops Suit come with the territory. Together with Counterspell and Nether Flux, she is pretty survivable despite her 9 wounds. Hannah is a chief librarian and this is reflected by her Arcane Reservoir ability, which increases the Crew's Hand by +1. An extra card in hand is always a good thing.
She can also dish out some damage in Melee. Her (1) attack can hit with a blast (or two), together with a chance for an extra Horror Duel. Her main strength comes from a (0) Make a New Entry action, which comes at a very high Ca of 8. It allows her to copy any Ca action and perform it.

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