Monday 10 October 2011

Another batch of Terminators

Close up on Heavy Flamer Twins
Guess I should start my newest post as almost each and everyone so far this year...but I won't ;) Though truth be said I finally managed to steal some time to reintroduce myself to paints and brushes. My newest project is revolving around 40k (suprising heh? :) ). Up on the agenda are three sets of Space Marines Terminators: Assault Team with Power Claws, Assult Team with Thunder Hammers and plain old Squad with Storm Bolters each squad in power of 10. Idea is to achieve more machine like look than the usual Space Marines. Hence more plasticard will be involved :) As you can see on attached pictures, even some ripped limbs (so far only one that still needs some cosmetics so it would look more natural, I'm thinking some GS and PE foil should do the trick.

Whole happy family

Gatling Twins
Also I've decided to add some multipart function to some of the fellas. As a result we get squad of 10 Terminators with Storm Bolters and Power Fists that can be equipped just as that or we can do some switiching and have 1:1 ratio of Heavy Flamer and Multicannon, also we can decide to use either one of them in count of 2. Also Two additional Termies have some magnets in top part of Armour in order to allow attachment of Cyclone Missile Launcher systems ;) Pretty usefull I guess. No I just can't wait to lay my brush on them as Terminators are pretty much my favourite mini of 40k universum :)

Caulties of war

Cyclone System focus

And for the finishing touches music piece that should suit climax of such "cheerful" team. (I know for sure Viruk would love this pick ;) )


  1. Nice terminators, so we're waiting for finished models :)

  2. yes I do like your music pick for this one :)


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