Sunday 16 October 2011

SM Terminators Painting Day 1: Armor

I've started as usual with main parts of mini , which in this case is armor. Only difference is that this time I decided to use airbrush to do whole thing. I must say that I'm really pleased with the effect. Of course there are some parts that are in need of remaking and I think that I should take now some dark colours like Regal Blue to emphasis shades even more but in the end...4-5 h of painting instead of two weeks.
Who wouldn't like that deal, plus transitions are far smoother than any I could create with standard brush. Now to finishing touches on armor like creating shades on plates and in deepest parts which couldn't be done with airbrush. I must say that it would be shame to damage those pieces with scratches and rust but all in all that's what's supposed to be done to them so It's not my call :) I'm sure that they will look amazing. Also I must decide which parts will be repainted as metal plates, I think I'll choose them randomly for each model to add some more personal feel to it. Also squad and individual numbers will be given to each one to customise them even more (as usual). In the end it has been very, very productive day. I leave the results up to your judgment. As always any comments and critisism is deeply apprecieted.    

And for music corner (yep our little tradition), music piece by Kaisers Orchestra , very dark and full of climax, and with history that's really adequate. I'm posting live version since it's a lot better plus mentioned background of that composition is explained. I think it suits Terminators theme very well.

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  1. I guess I should add that shoulder pads will have different colour of course ! :D


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