Wednesday 12 October 2011


I've already mentioned Malifaux earlier on to show some awesome models released for this game. There are quite a few articles about Malifaux spread around the blogosphere. I became interested in the game after reading Kerrys' entry at his blog - check it out here. Great models, amazing atmosphere and a quite interesting approach to playing the game (flipping cards instead of rolling dice) are some of the most interesting features of Malifaux. Another great thing is that it's a skirmish-based game, which means you only need a few models to play it. The rules are quite interesting and you can actually download them for free.
My main criterion in choosing models to paint and play is how they appeal to me. It wasn't an easy choice but in the end I decided to start with the Guild and Lady Justice crew. I was particularly impressed with Death Marshals so I had to start with them - definitely one of the most original minis I've seen so far.
Death Marshals are basically men who have been exposed to necromancy to such a degree that they've pretty much became undead. All of this for the greater good as it made them better suited for hunting... the undead. They use special pistols and... coffins (no kidding!) as their weapons.
Painting them was very enjoyable as the quality of the sculpt is great. Just a few mold lines, excellent quality of details (especially their grim, undead faces that are full of character at the same time).
I decided to use a color scheme that's slightly different to the one used in the Wyrd Games catalogue. Instead of brown cloaks I went for slightly darker colors. Since the coffins are the biggest part of each mini, I paid extra attention to painting the wood, making sure it looks more realistic. Resigning from the drybrush technique was the key here. It helps with quickly getting the basic highlights but if you want to have a more detailed surface, traditional highlights are more effective. Their skin was another important detail. I needed it to look like not-quite-dead-but-still-pretty-much-undead. I started with two thin layers of dheneb stone, followed by ogryn flesh wash. After that I added some highlights using a 50/50 white and dheneb stone mix and a pure white highlights. At this point they looked a bit too pale so I started adding glazes (leviathan purple and baal red) to add more depth. In the end I added another very light highlight of pure white to the most protruding elements. I also left dark surface around their eyes, which were paintet using only bright yellow (I aimed for the "evil eye" look). So, there you go, my first Malifaux models are here. I still have Lady Justice and the Judge to paint from this set but I'll definitely buy more minis (and at least one more crew) from this range, they're really fun to paint.


  1. I just can't tak my eyes of these sculptures they're top notch, which is great because they level with your paintjob :) Great ones mate !

  2. Wow, I'm impressed with paintjob and those sculpters :O

  3. Dayem mate, you're too good! Sculpts look incredible too, especially the one in mid-air.

  4. Love them! Which system is it? I want to buy it!


    P.S. Please, give me a link to those minis. ;)
    PP.S. I should paint my Sentiniel, but... :D

  5. The system is called "Malifaux", you can see the address in the post (oh well, it's simply ).
    Thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated :)

  6. Nice paintjob on those! Wood looks really good. I especially like the one with the souls(?) spilling out of his chest :)


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