Friday 7 October 2011

Dwarven Royalty

As promised in my previous entry, I'm catching up with my blog backlog. There are quite a few pictures I haven't posted yet. So, here we go. I described my impressions of finecast in one of the earlier entries. They were rather positive and painting these guys hasn't changed them. Paints flow really well on this kind of resin and the fine details (they both have eyes, though it's hard to tell by the pictures - you have to take my word for it) are a little better than on the metal versions. I used resin bases and more vivid colors to mark them as royalty (see the warriors color scheme for comparison).

Durin and Mardin is another due that is used together. Durin was one of the greatest dwarf kings and Mardin served as his personal bodyguard. He uses a trident - the same type of weapon that is common for Vault Warden Team as he is a veteran of this unit. Here I also tried to keep the colors richer than on the regular soldiers. I also painted the metallics using brighter shades. And that's pretty much it as far as dwarven royalty is concerned. There will be one more here, a captain and some elites so stay tuned.


  1. Dear Viruk, please resize the last three pictures, cause they're too small to see anything :)


  2. Agreed with previous commenter, I think the links are broken?

  3. Thanks for reporting that Daen and ethelie, I uploaded the pics again so they should be fine now :)

  4. As always very good minis. I really like your LOTRs minis.



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