Sunday 23 October 2011

Dwarves again

Here are a few pics of LotR dwarves I painted a while ago that haven't been posted yet. First off, Gimli - version in cloak. Very nice mini with lots of details. His face is particularly well sculpted which is an achievement given the scale. I followed the classic red color scheme. I also wanted the cloak to look worn and dirty and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The axe looks bad in the pics but I worked on it later on to smooth out the highlights. Of course, I forgot to take the pics.

And here's another one - dwarven captain. I really like the "come get some" pose of this model. I positioned it differently that it normally is as I thought it gives him more dynamism. I use Andrea red set so often that it's hard for me to imagine working with this color using different paints now.

And finally, a quick shot of the Iron Guard. The pic is really bad as the lighting was very uneven but it gives a very general idea of how they look like. Maybe I'll have better pictures in the future ;)


  1. Nice work on his cloak. And I love the green color on the last ones, mind telling what you used to get that tone? :)

  2. These clothes are all about Knarloc Green, I started by adding a little scorched brown to darken the base color and worked up the highlights with a few layers of pure Knarloc Green and Knarloc Green with increasing amounts of Bleached Bone.

  3. Very nice blending, looks really soft :)


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